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June 2008



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Jun. 10th, 2008


Tues 1305, Empok Nor Bar

Czarina walked quickly into the bar, where all sorts of exoctic beings enjoyed their tonics and meals. She had to resist the urge to transform. It was a nasty habit that had been developing through out her adult years, perhaps due to the suppression of her abilities, but at times she had to exercise restraint over her desire to mimic the appearance of others.

She clenched her fist and made her way to the main bar, " Give me your strongest Vulcan Mocha," She asked the bar maid. The young woman nodded her head and went off to prepare her drink.

Czarina tossed her hair and made into a pony tail, She had her communicator on in case they needed her, but she hoped that her team could handle themselves without her presence. She had still not received any messages from her family, but given the distance and their willingness to reply, it might take a while.

Feb. 20th, 2008


Czarina Ulloriaq

My Parents found me dehydrated, hungry, and filthy on the outskirts of dying planet.

I was used for entertainment purposes by an abusive couple who, only god knows how, got a hold of me. I was forced to transform constantly into different shapes for a pittance. I can't really blame them, they were suffering in poverty, but I suppose that isn't much of an excuse.

Anton and (a very pregnant) Pelageya Ulloriaq were on an excavation site for research, when they came upon me at the market. I was about 8 years old. I didn't speak any language, only grunted and screeched to communicate. Seeing the sickening conditions I lived in they bought me from the couple.

They weren't sure if I was Chameloid or some other shape-shifting being. Chameloid's being something of myth, I've been told.

I guess I'm a walking myth then.

I have never met another Chameloid, and I'm not quick to share that I am. I was raised a Terran and that is where my loyalties lie. I've chosen this form, because it is aesthetically pleasing to me. To be truthful its essentially what my mother looks like, with some obvious deviations. I have my father's smile.

I have two other much younger siblings. Val and Yuliyana, fraternal twins, that are biologically of course tied to my parents. Every time, just to make them laugh, I would transform into some odd creatures of their choice, but only in private.

My school friends never really knew what I was. Even though There were times when I was tempted to show off. I would occasionally change my hair color, or eyes...but they just figured it was some fancy lenses or dyes that I used. There were only a group of 5 that knew what I was. Mostly it was because my parents didn't want me to become a spectacle. They wanted me to live a normal life without people bothering me.

I thank them for taking care of me.

I've been in school for a very long time. At first I wasn't so sure what I was going to do career wise. I played the piano and other instruments, understood several languages and did well in my studies. I did not want to become a musician however or a linguist. After many shenanigans during my twenties I finally buckled down and decided that medicine would be interesting.

I adored it. I suppose that it is an instinctual impulse that I as a Chameloid have. I spilled over hundreds of books of anatomy and learned as many as I could. At times even taking their form in order to have a better understanding of the figure. Needless to say, I did very well in school and then applied for Starfleet.

My parents were heart broken to say the least, proud, but they wanted me to stay close to home, so did my brother and sister.

I promised I would visit them, but I knew that would be very hard given wherever they will place me. I've been told that I'd be in the Gamma Quadrant...very far from them.